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Trailer | Mind Your Clutter

March 15, 2023 Maggie Brittain
Mind Your Clutter
Trailer | Mind Your Clutter
Show Notes

March 15th | Mind Your Podcast | Trailer

If you have found your way here, my guess is there is a tug inside that would love to figure out a way that makes your space work for you and not against you. 

If so.. then you are in the right place.  

I am here to help you bring order to your space,  the same way I have been helping clients in person and online to clear the clutter and make more room for what matters most. 

So when you tune into the Mind Your Clutter podcast, you’ll hear: 

  • tips from me
  • conversations with people just like you 
  • and interviews with experts who are here to help us all!  

And together we’ll continue to gain clarity in the way we use our minds to think about clutter and the actions we take to clear and prevent it. 

So If you’re ready to embrace your space, hit subscribe so you don't miss an episode and I’ll meet you back here soon for Season One Episode 1 of the Mind Your Clutter Podcast.

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