Mind Your Clutter

S1 Ep 1 | From Closet Designer to Organizer

March 20, 2023 Maggie Brittain Season 1 Episode 1
Mind Your Clutter
S1 Ep 1 | From Closet Designer to Organizer
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Before we dive into future episodes, I wanted to answer one of my frequently asked questions, and that is, how did I become a professional organizer and why do I care about clutter?

Short answer is that you are not alone and I recognize that so many homeowners like you, were overwhelmed with the amount of items in their home and were stuck in making decisions on what and how to let go.  As a result their clutter was preventing them to live the best version of themselves.

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 Episode 1 

Episode 1 

Speaker ( Maggie ) :

Welcome to episode one of Mind Your Clutter. Before we dive into future episodes, I wanted to answer one of my frequently asked questions, and that is, how did I become a professional organizer and why do I care about clutter? 

I've always been someone who's appreciated a space of order and of systems, I wanted to help others. I went back, I became a closet designer, have my teaching certificate.

That is not where I saw myself long term. So closet design is really how the professional organizing, idea. Flourished, and it's because as a closet designer, you're going into people's homes, into their closets, into their pantries, into their basements, into their attics, in places that usually even closest friends and family aren't necessarily And the more [00:01:00] conversations I had with homeowners, I could hear in their voice the overwhelm with the amount of stuff that they had in their home.

Stuff. They weren't using stuff. They didn't know how to let go stuff. They didn't even know how it ended up in their home. And then I started to see where else I could be of help. , and from there is where the journey of becoming a professional organizer started.

 It was so exciting to create spaces where people could find things and they could feel good about it. But. I found the struggle was with letting go, with figuring out how the clutter came to be in the first place and how to prevent it. The habits, the routines that led to the current situation [00:02:00] and the habits and the routines.

That could improve the situation and the mindset around what people thought about their spaces and the clutter within it. And mainly that was actually not even knowing , how to get started with what to think about their clutter. And so through the process, Of helping others clear the clutter and create functional spaces that looked good.

It was still so apparent that the sense of overwhelm, the amount of stuff in someone's space was preventing a lot of people from living the best version of themselves. The clutter was negatively affecting their mental space, the stress from walking into a home, into an office, and feeling the long list of to-dos the [00:03:00] stress that it was put on their relationships with the people they shared the space with, with the people.

They weren't inviting in because they were embarrassed of their space. It was the money that was now gone because something was lost and something had to be repurchased cuz they couldn't find it because of the time that was spent. Their. Was spent, and all of this was starting to affect their day-to-day because even when they weren't in a space that they could see the clutter, you could still feel it.

And each client and each homeowner that I worked with, I could see this showing up in my own life because it feels. We are all at a pace of go and that we [00:04:00] are limited in the sense of how to create spaces that allow us to think, be productive, be creative, to focus on what matters most. So the more time that I spent helping others clear the clutter.

Setup systems simplify their every day. By having less, the more I was able to incorporate it into my own space. And the more I want you to embrace your space and to recognize the benefits of moving forward. Through decluttering, through making space for what matters most, and I know that you can do it because I have seen it happen from some of the most discouraged, overwhelmed to feeling a sense of relief and a weight lift.

[00:05:00] Is enough to know that you can do it too. It's enough to know that what you'll find hiding under the clutter is more clarity for you to make decisions, more clarity for you to make more room for what matters most. And so as we continue this journey, you may find you are at a different season of life than the next.

And so with that season, you may have a different reason to wanting to start to clear the clutter, and that's okay. Your reason, as long as it's yours and you know why you are here on this journey. That's reason. Maybe it could be as simple as wanting a clear pathway to your bed so you can have a clear night's sleep.

Maybe you're moving and you do not want to move and pay to bring all the clutter with you.[00:06:00] And you're ready to embrace your new beginning. Maybe you have a nursery that you're transitioning into an office, and right now it feels overwhelming. Maybe you're trying to figure out what to do with all of those things that you have inherited from a family member has who was either passed away or is downsizing and maybe you are the one downsizing.

Maybe you're living in your current home. and you want to use your home as a place of retreat, a place to go and feel refreshed, whatever the season is, whatever the reason is, keep moving forward and we're going to talk about that in the next episode, but I wanted to let you know that. As a professional organizer, as a previous closet designer, I have been in hundreds of homes and you are not alone.

And I know that you can feel [00:07:00] overwhelmed and you almost feel frozen. And I know that some of you may maybe were never taught. How to clear the clutter, how to set up a space so that it works for you and not against you. So I hope that I can give you some motivation and inspiration to take the steps forward and learning how to live in a space that is more of you and more of what you love to do.

And this is so important. For busy moms, for working professionals who don't have all the time in their day-to-day to take a big leap. This is for the people who are ready to just slow down so that they can enjoy the people. The hobbies, the interests, the mental space that they thrive in.

I am here to help you, but I [00:08:00] want you to know that my journey into becoming a professional organizer is because I. That there are many of you who feel stuck, but it doesn't have to be that way. And I'm excited for you to continue the journey and to improve your space so that you can improve your mood, your sleep, your productivity, your health, so that you can clean less.

And spend more time doing the fun stuff to spend more time doing the things that are more important than shuffling around things in your life that don't need to be there. And the more that you do this and the further down the journey you progress, it will become easier to recognize. What is clutter and where it's showing up in other areas of your life.

So think about[00:09:00] what is it? Why now could you benefit from living with less clutter? And join me in our next episode as we dive into some of these benefits. And as we start to see and identify all forms of clutter beyond the physical clutter.